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Happy Sunday & a Thank You!

Good Morning, lovely people!

It’s super early for most of you (5am), but it is my favorite time of day.
The sun is just coming over the horizon, most of the world is still asleep, the birds are singing and the humidity has not set in just yet.
Pair all that with a large mug (52 oz Bubba Cup. lol.) of coffee and it makes for the perfect writing time.

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Good Morning,

Book 4, Max Hamby and the Faeryn Cross had a quiet release due to daily life taking over. It did have a wonderful turn out over on Leighgendarium, though. The interview went great and the giveaway for book 1 was even better than I expected. I do hope the winners enjoy, Max Hamby and the Blood Diamond. Many thanks to Preston for the interview. 🙂

I am in the midst of writing book 5 and will, hopefully, have it ready in a month or two.

Summer is almost upon us and I hope yours is a fantastic one. The weather has been a bit odd. Mother Nature has forced me to pull out my jacket in the early A.M. to be able to write outside. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced 50 degrees in June before.

I hope you all are doing great and feeling fine. Have a wonderful day! Sending lots of good vibes, well wishes and positive thoughts your way.

Drop by and say hello,

K. 🙂

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