Happy Sunday & a Thank You!

Good Morning, lovely people!

It’s super early for most of you (5am), but it is my favorite time of day.
The sun is just coming over the horizon, most of the world is still asleep, the birds are singing and the humidity has not set in just yet.
Pair all that with a large mug (52 oz Bubba Cup. lol.) of coffee and it makes for the perfect writing time.

Read more here: http://kathycyr.weebly.com/blog/happy-sunday-a-thank-you


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Kathy Cyr writes in an underground cave, but has her eye on a wizard's castle. On an average day, she's usually surrounded by a dwarf with a curious addiction to coffee, a moody dragon and a pink pixie with a large sweet tooth. When not writing books, she can be found daydreaming about faraway places, enjoying a cup of coffee with the dwarf, sharing a laugh with the moody dragon (when he's in the mood) and sitting on a rainbow of treats with the pink pixie.

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