The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands is not a place to gather socially.
It’s a place where only the most despicable are sent (and sometimes innocents).
There is no sense of time or direction. All inhabitants are surrounded by a thick, white fog. There is no shelter or food. There is merely existence, until there isn’t.
Eventually, one of three things happen.
He or she escapes, which is impossible. He or she turns into shadowshifters or shifters for short. There a handful who have been smart enough to use the transformation to their advantage. ie: Trinnean and Gerrick Ravensadale.
Many just remain within the confines of the Shadowlands as dark, howling forms within the white mist. Finally, for those that don’t turn into shifters and or escape, the Shadowlands slowly eats away at their existence, until there is nothing left and they simply fade away.
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Kathy Cyr writes in an underground cave, but has her eye on a wizard's castle. On an average day, she's usually surrounded by a dwarf with a curious addiction to coffee, a moody dragon and a pink pixie with a large sweet tooth. When not writing books, she can be found daydreaming about faraway places, enjoying a cup of coffee with the dwarf, sharing a laugh with the moody dragon (when he's in the mood) and sitting on a rainbow of treats with the pink pixie.

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