Happy Thursday!

Good Morning, everyone. Happy Thursday!
A bit soggy and gray here, but crossing fingers that it’ll be a good day anyway. I hope it’s filled with fun, love, laughter and positivity for you.
I’m running a bit late today, so no #amediting just yet, but loads of #coffee. 😉 I’ve got two more goblins to work on for the site. (similar to Bonedread)
Three quarters of book 6 is done, although I think it might need another run through once this edit is over.
And before I end this post, I thought I’d share a quote from Celadine. She is quite inexperienced with magic and has landed herself in a terrible
state with the shadowshifters that have taken her over and refuse to give her back.
“We’re feeling a bit stabby. Let’s play a game.”
Celadine reached behind her back and pulled out a dagger.
She lifted it high over her head and …
Hmm, what will the shadowshifters make her do next? Such naughty creatures.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Positive vibes and hugs, if you need them.
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Kathy Cyr writes in an underground cave, but has her eye on a wizard's castle. On an average day, she's usually surrounded by a dwarf with a curious addiction to coffee, a moody dragon and a pink pixie with a large sweet tooth. When not writing books, she can be found daydreaming about faraway places, enjoying a cup of coffee with the dwarf, sharing a laugh with the moody dragon (when he's in the mood) and sitting on a rainbow of treats with the pink pixie.

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