Hodgenock’s Journal

(**Hodgenock is a main character in Max Hamby and the Blood Diamond) This is his journal. It also doubles as a keepsake for his travels and messages to others. He’s not internet savvy, so I relay his words to the world. All new entries will posted first.)


Entry 10:

Note to self….
Following a good path is not always easy, especially when yer hand is forced.
But, I find a sit and think with a pint of bog ale brings about the answer far faster and better than jumpin’ off the cliff in a whirlwind of anger.
Mind you, that whirlwind can be molded and with a bit of creativity, can turn a sour situation into a four course meal of sweet revenge.
Preparation will be long and difficult, but in the end it will be worth it. M will be normal again.


Entry 9:

The horizon is dark with evil.
No light for as far as the eye can see. This is not going to be good, but I’m not alone….not anymore.
I will do what I have to do in the name of M. I will get my revenge before all is said and done.
If you were smart, you’d turn around, head home, lock yer doors and hide under yer bed till this all blows over. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Entry 8:

Met the ancient one the other day.
An odd character if I ever did see one.
He said it was my duty to watch over the youngin’ and that when the time was right, my brother would find me.

I suspect the old coot is out of his mind. M is gone. I saw it with my own eyes.
As fer the youngin’ ? I have no idea what he’s talkin’ about. There’s not a little one fer miles.


Entry 7:

M is gone. The baddies took ’em and I’m alone.
I warned him, but he wouldn’t listen. Why didn’t he listen?


Entry 6:

If it wasn’t for M, I’d a sure gone up the crazy crackit creek by now.
It’s all come back around. I knew the peace wouldn’t last; it never does.
Not with them. They don’t want peace. They want power.

M and me is as skinny as the skinniest tree branch.
Me own Da wouldn’t know me just by lookin’.
We’re on the look out for a fat jumper. Food’s been scarce.
I think they is gatherin’ it all for themselves.

Awful changes are comin’. I feel it in my innards.
We have to find the other……the one with the light.


Entry 5:

Okay so I was wrong about ya. It wasn’t you who almost got M and me caught.

I’m still thinkin’ on whether we should trust you. For now, I’ll tell ya that we gave them baddies the slip again.

Me and M are safe for the time bein’, but we’re running out of supplies.

We have to find some food and quick.

I’ll keep this short. My belly is rumblin’ and there’s no swamp sludge to be found.

Keep yer head low. Me and M are as low as we can get.


Entry 4:

You’ve got some nerve showin’ yer face here. You was the one who almost got us caught by the baddies.

And I was just startin’ to kind of, maybe, begin to start thinkin’ about trusting you.

They knew exactly where we was hiding and I know it was you!


Entry 3:

Yer lucky M ate far too much swamp sludge for supper, otherwise he never would’ve heard them lowlifes

come up from rear. (No offense, M.) We had just enough time to grab a couple of sturdy leaves and high tail it out of there.

……M wants you to know that the leaves were definitely big and study, but they ended up being short stitch leaves.

M has been havin’ a hard time with the itchy red bumps back there. If you know what I mean.


Look at me bandying about; talkin’ to ya like yer my brutha’s Mum’s Da’s, cousin’s, sister. (and you don’t really want to talk to her.

she’d rather make eyeball soup outta you.)

Don’t write again if you know what’s good fer ya.


Entry 2:

We gave them baddies the slip. I never seen M run so fast. He was like a bolt of lightening.

M and I are safe for the moment while we catch our breath. This whole thing is turnin’ into an unwanted adventure.

Not so sure this’ll be a story I’ll tell my little ones. Might give ’em nightmares. ‘Course I’ll have to find me a wife first.

But that’s neither here nor there.

You best not say a word of our whereabouts or I’ll come lookin’ fer ya. It won’t be pretty either.

I got me a temper and M will do some higgedy biggedy on you too. I’ve seen it first hand.

The higgedy is bad, but the biggedy is worse.

M is getting restless. Stay put and keep yer head down.


Entry 1:

I told yer the baddies would find us and they did! Me and M are on the run and I don’t know when I’ll write again.

Yous have to take care too. You never know where the baddies are hidin’ out and they’ll get cha.

There’ll be no more left of ya when they do to.

But you could be a spy and just pretendin’. Me Da warned me about pretenders.

“Never trust the stink of a dirty dog.” Me Da always said that and he was a smarty he was.

And from where I’m standin’, you’re kind of stinky.

Normally my kind likes a good roll in a mud hole, but there’s somethin’ not quite right about you.

One way or another I’ll figure you out.


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