Snaggits and Keepums……Oh my!

Snaggits and Keepums

Nocturnal creatures with terribly nasty attitudes. You do not want to meet these little fellows in a dark alley or while taking a moonlit stroll. Snaggits and Keepums are natural enemies, but will reluctantly work together to gain “treasure”…..whatever that means.
Neither creature has any magical powers. Snaggits are very fast, but both creatures have the strength of three men.
Keepums are extremely lazy and prefer to remain underground and wait, none to patiently, for Snaggits to return each night with full sacks. Keepums roll off and out from under their dirt mounds and, like lightening, snatch the sacks right out of the Snaggits hands. A battle for the sacks ensues until the horizon shows the first signs of morning.
They fall asleep mid-fight, until the moon is high and it all begins again.

snaggits keepums


The Ostium is an ancient form of travel, although in its current state it is unpredictable and dangerous.
When traveling by Ostium, it is best to travel in pairs, There have been many Trith sightings and if you value your life, a good amount of speed, strength and magic should get you where you need to go…….but, nothing is guaranteed when the Trith are about.



A quite famous dwarf in his own right and brother to Mibbitwiss, Hodgenock is a witty, loyal friend.
He prefers a large, warm pint of bog ale at the Quiet Harpy Inn, but when there is trouble afoot, you can be sure that Hodgenock will be by your side. Although he is handy with a sword, his intelligence, bravery and strength make him a dangerous opponent.



Sweet Harold was a bit of an accident, between this little feline and a random feathered friend.
Mrs. Pitt didn’t mean to, but Harold got a little too close to her unpredictable magic and POOF! cat-bird.
Harold doesn’t mind. He finds a certain freedom in soaring the skies and the mixture of cat food and bird seed is quite tasty.
But, do not let Harold’s cuteness fool you. He’s a fast little creature and has the ability to breath fire.
Mrs. Pitt has no idea where the fire power came from, but it has been useful on occasion.


Rez Bonedread (Rez is coming in Book 2)

Rez Bonedread prefers……no, he demands to be called Bonedread and is one of the meanest, greediest, most evil goblins you should hope never to meet. He is a trader, of sorts. You might not want to know what Bonedread trades and be warned, it is best to remain outside his “fine” establishment. You might not come out if you come across Bonedread’s helpers, Zeeback and Bigrot.  They are two large goblins with pea-sized brains. When they are not “guarding” (sleeping) Bonedread’s shop, they are eating. They do not care if they are eating a gourmet meal or a finger so long as it fills their bellies.