Book 5

Good Morning, lovely people! #Celebrate Book 5 is live! Max Hamby & the Blue Fire is available. Woot! 5 books in 2 yrs. I am proud of me. #Cloud9 😊🎉 The print version will take a couple days to show up on Amazon, but it will be there. 🍪


Good Morning, lovely people,

I hope you’re doing well and feeling fine.
Book 5 (Max Hamby and the Blue Fire) is in the review and processing phase. Hopefully, it will be live later today or tomorrow.
I’ve decided to use the FB notes and possibly my website for any mailing list announcements, updates, etc.

I know not everyone likes signing up for mailing lists, so this might make it easier. I posted May 2016 version on my FB page for you to get a feel of what I send out. I think it’s a bit different and fun. You can take a look here:
It should be on the front page, but if not, then it’s on the Notes page.

Have a wonderful day everyone! 🙂

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Book 5 Cover Reveal

Good afternoon, my friends and lovely readers,
Happy Holidays to all!
I hope you all are doing well and feeling fine. Christmas and the New Year are almost upon us. I am wishing you and yours all the very best.
Guess what? Book 5 is near to publication. It is so close, in fact, that it is time for a cover reveal. Now, if you’ve been paying attention and I am sure you have, you might have seen book 5’s cover in my social media headers. So, if you’ve seen it already, it may not be a surprise, but it is still exciting. Max Hamby’s journey continues with more trouble, more curious characters and more magic. It is everything I love and I hope you do, too.
I’ll be working like crazy right through the holiday to bring you all of that, so have a look and don’t forget that book one through four are available in ebook and paperback form for all you booklovers out there and or the ones you’re buying a gift for.
Sending peace, love and light your way.

Happy Holidays!

Alice is very odd, curious and even a bit spooky. Her predications are always strange, but somewhere in the nonsense lies the truth.

“Little boys jump, but they do not know where. Into the mouth of the demon lair.
Hold still and you will see, in his hands is the key.
Fire and brimstone. Brimstone and fire. Your ally is clever, a thief and a liar.
All is not lost. You can turn it around. But…
Only for a moment, will all be well…
Peaceful and sound.” – Alice